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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly cost of your app?

How Do I Create A Personalized QR Code?

We have both General and Personalized QR codes that can be created and assigned to a campaign or a specific contact record. You have the capability to upload manually, through a CSV, or via our API. The platform can return a one off or bulk QR codes via API in batches or on demand for one off real time creation.

How Does Thing Work To Get The Mobile Number?

It's pretty simple using Response Engine. You already have at least the name and address from a current or public database if you are using direct mail in your marketing. Each piece has a Personalized QR Code that will send a preset code and message to a preset number when scanned. This allows us to track and attribute the mobile number to that name and address and update the record.

What CMR's do you connect to natively?

We currently connect direct to Hubspot, Zoho, and LeadPerfection. We also have a Zapier integration and robust API functionality that will connect to almost any CRM, SaaS, or Printer to create user accounts, campaigns, all QR Types and more. The API will also allow you to instantly trigger actions post scan, sending the updated contact record out to the CRM of your choice.

I Don't Have A Printer, Can You Print?

While we do not have the ability to handle any digital or print creatives, we have built partnership agreements with preferred and vetted vendors that would allow you to print at scale or down to a single piece of direct mail. Talk to your account rep for more details on the partner that best fits your companies needs.

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